The Law Office of Lonny Bramzon LLC


We are devoted to defending individuals that have been charged with crimes. We defend all categories of criminal cases: From traffic cases to misdemeanors to major felonies. We pursue only the best option for our clients. Sometimes the matters can be resolved through a carefully negotiated settlement. Other times, the matter could only be resolved with a trial either in front of a judge or jury. We are confident in our expertise in both situations, and we aggressively fight to win. In almost every case, the client’s liberty is at stake and we understand the gravity of this situation. Our professionals will ensure that throughout this process, you will be treated with the dignity and respect that you deserve. We are not only attorneys, but we consider ourselves counselors as well. We encourage you to feel comfortable to come speak with us. Your confidentiality is guaranteed, and we will not judge you. No matter how dark you feel the circumstances may be, we are trained to listen, counsel, and hopefully help. There is no situation too hopeless, sad, or violent for the attention of our trained professionals.


  • Traffic Offenses DUI, suspended license and more
  • Drug Offenses all drug charges including possession and distribution
  • Theft and Robbery anything from shoplifting to armed robbery
  • Assaults from threats to armed assault resulting in serious injury
  • Domestic Violence charges steming from incidents inside the home
  • Weapons firearms and other prohibited instruments of harm
  • Sexual Offenses from prostitution to serious sexual assault
  • Arson from felony to misdemeanor burning of property
  • Homicide from vehicular manslaughter to 1st Degree murder