Drug Offenses

The Law Office of Lonny Bramzon LLC defends against all drug-related charges


Drug possession cases can usually be handled in a manner that avoids jail time. We understand that a drug addiction is a very real issue to some individuals. We are sensitive to those issues and will not judge no matter how extreme the issue. Our office is also very well versed in all of the alternate programs to avoid jail time and convictions in cases involving simple drug possessions. We have close communications with many drug treatment and counseling programs that can truly help those in need. In addition to potentially curing a serious addiction, these programs can mitigate the legal consequences of a drug charge.


  • Possession of: paraphernalia, marijuana, cocaine, crack, heroin, acid, mushrooms, ecstasy, methamphetamines, PCP, and pharmaceuticals

  • Distruibution

  • Conspiracy to Distribute

  • Drug Trafficking


The Law Office of Lonny Bramzon LLC understands that sometimes things are not so simple in life and people may sometimes turn to drug distribution as a source of income or a manner in which to support their family. We do not cast judgment on those charged with crimes of this nature or any crimes for that matter. That being said, the consequences are extremely serious. The government often pursues lengthy jail sentences, the lengths of some of which are mandatory. As we pursue every ethical avenue of defense, there are often serious issues regarding the legality of the strategies employed by law enforcement to apprehend an individual or gather evidence against an individual. Remember, if the government does not follow the rules set out by the constitution, it is ia judge’s duty to throw out evidence that was discovered as a result of an illegal search.

Please do not give up. Call us if you find yourself charged with a drug offense.


A crucial tactic in defending drug cases is suppression of evidence. Everyone is protected by the Fourth Amendment of the Constitution which acts against illegal searches and seizures by the police. We are knowledgeable on the laws of search and seizure, and if your person, vehicle, or home was illegally searched or if you were illegally stopped in your vehicle, we can seek to have the evidence in your case suppressed.


If this is your first time being charged with possession, we may be able to smoothly negotiate a deal with the government. We may be able to arrange a drug diversion program or community service hours in exchange for the government agreeing not to prosecute the case against you.

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Let us fight for your rights.
1 (410) 537-0425
Let us fight for your rights.