Domestic Violence

The Law Office of Lonny Bramzon LLC handles many domestic violence offenses.


This is the area of criminal law the includes crimes that are alleged to have occurred between family members and those living in the same home. Family life and romantic relationships are so intense that sometimes matters spiral out of control and, unfortunately, sometimes get charged with a crime. These cases are also sensitive as those involved sometimes still have strong affection for one another and the relationships often involve a great deal of passion. We understand the sensitivities involved and will assist and defend when these situations arise.

We can help when people seek or defend against restraining orders. These petitions are divided into two categories: Protective Order and Peace Order
A Protective Order is an order of protection between family members or people romantically involved

A Peace Order is an order of protection against someone who is not family member and/or does not reside in the same home.

In both situations, our law office has had over a decade of experience in helping either the petitioner or the respondent. It would be our pleasure to help you if you find yourself in this troubling predicament.

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Let us fight for your rights.
1 (410) 537-0425
Let us fight for your rights.