Lonny Bramzon, Esq.


Licensed in Maryland and Washington DC, and Federal Courts of Washington DC and Maryland

Mr. Bramzon is truly a counselor at law. Upon the gravest of circumstances, individuals have been seeking the counsel, help, and defense of Lonny Bramzon for years.

He is a master of negotiations. He has a remarkable ability to communicate and connect with clients and adversaries alike. His understanding of the psychology of government agents and attorneys is bar none. He has been able to save the lives and liberty of countless individuals when the circumstances appeared hopeless. Despair does not exist in Lonny’s vocabulary. His ability to speak to a jury and eloquently present his legal issues to a judge is stunning. His charismatic manner of communication and litigation has left clients, jurors, and prosecutors in awe.

He was educated at some of the most prestigious institutions in the world. He received a B.A. in the field of Comparative and Political Sociology from Stanford University in just 3 short years. At the age of 21, he began his legal education at the Columbia University School of Law in New York City.

After law school, he interned at the Public Defender’s office in Maryland under the tutelage of master trial attorneys. He then proceeded to become an Assistant Public Defender in the Baltimore branch of the Public Defender’s Office, where he would sometimes represent upwards of 30 clients on a daily basis. Following his training and experience at the Public Defender’s Office, Lonny opened up his own law office where he could truly cater to each individual client and provide the time and effort necessary to ensure the best possible outcomes.

Call him up. You will feel a lot better about your situation after you speak with him.


  • Traffic Offenses DUI, suspended license and more
  • Drug Offenses all drug charges including possession and distribution
  • Theft and Robbery anything from shoplifting to armed robbery
  • Assaults from threats to armed assault resulting in serious injury
  • Domestic Violence charges steming from incidents inside the home
  • Weapons firearms and other prohibited instruments of harm
  • Sexual Offenses from prostitution to serious sexual assault
  • Arsonfrom felony to misdemeanor burning of property
  • Homicide from vehicular manslaughter to 1st Degree murder